Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

A deposit of 340.00 Euros is payable in advance to confirm your booking.

1) Should you need to cancel your booking, we would refund you with condition that your cancellation is made by 21 days prior the first day of the course.

After this time your deposit will be retain or we could, in certain cases apply the second condition;

2) If we receive your cancellation notification by two weeks prior the first day of the course, your deposit would be transferrable to book another workshop that you will have the pleasure to choose from the different dates available left, however, after this time your deposit will be retained.

3) If you book your course after two weeks prior the start of the workshop you have chosen, the payment of the deposit is non refundable and non transferrable.

4) The amount of 340.00 Euros is only a deposit and the remaining balance as well as all the materials used within the training should be paid in full the last day of each workshop which will be each Thursday for the weekday workshop and each Sunday for the weekend workshop.

We have made the year planning dates for the different workshops and might be revised as quoted below:
1) Tapisserie Art’Design reserve the right to cancel, interrupt, revise or suspend the training at any time;

2) If courses were to be cancelled by Tapisserie Art’Design prior the start date of the workshop, the deposit will be reimbursed in full;

3) And if courses were to be interrupted after the start date of the workshop, a pro rata refund or transfer to another date of the deposit will be made with used materials in the course.

N.B: Photographs will occasionally be taken during the courses and will remain the copyright of Tapisserie Art’Design and used for marketing purpose.