To whom are our courses for?

To you that are beginners and want to learn step by step the upholstery stages of a chair or of making hand-sewn lampshades…

To you that are already a little bit experimented and want to go further in your training…

If you have a chair we will estimate the time needed to reupholster it, and if it wasn’t the case you can give us the mission to find one for you.

TA’D will offer you more than just an upholstery course! It’s a moment of discovery, where you meet and share in the workshop and you’ll go back home for sure with a unique experience!

The concept is very simple

You choose the course according to the different option available.

You decide about your project according to your skills.

We take care of the rest!

The different options: What do they look like?

Weekday workshop : It is from Tuesday to Friday included, so that you can enjoy your weekend and discover our region if you feel like it!
Contact us to book your weekday workshop, we will ask you a deposit and… here we go it’s done!

Weekend workshop : It is from Friday to Sunday included, so you won’t be constraint to take a day off to learn upholstery!!!
You contact us to check the weekend dates availability or if you are a few more, you can suggest other dates, you book your place and… let’s go for the adventure!

“A la carte” formula : For everyone else! A day here and another day there!
You book 3 days minimum and we plan them together on the calendar so that the course suits perfectly to your tight schedules…
And if your project is more ambitious than expected, contact us to complete your formula.


And if your project is more ambitious than expected,
contact us to complete your formula.

Choose your option

Weekday workshop


Weekend workshop


“A la carte” formula


The process of the workshops: what it entails?

Your days will be rhythm as follow :
From 9am to 12:30pm with a tea or coffee break so we can meet and chat!

And from 2pm to 5:30pm with another little break to keep up for the rest of the day!

Your lunch break will be 1 hour and a half so you could have the time to do some shopping or go in town, but mainly to recharge the batteries because you’ll have dense days!!!
You will, of course, take your meal at the workshop where we dedicated a place with micro waves, cattle, fridge, cutlery…

And for the price ?

The maximum price per course per person is 450.00 euros.

This cost include : The support in the implementation of your project and the training to realize it until its final outcome.
The lending of a complete tool box prepared with care.
The provision of a spacious, comfortable and secured workshop to learn in complete serenity. We also provide a relax space to have lunch and take a tea break!

This cost does not include : the purchase of materials, fabric and trimming for the realisation of your project.